Where to Buy Stamps in NYC Besides Post Office Near Me?

It is not difficult to buy stamps in NYC; then, you have in the right place? There are countless options available where you can buy stamps in Nyc. The options include post office retail stores, online stores, staples, and much more.

You all will need to find a place nearest you, such as the US Postal Service. If there are any large retail stores close to your house, then you can check out. The retail stores include Costo, staples, Target stores. Other options are Wells Fargo and US banks.

Yes, some of these financial institutions are also selling stamps. The Fed Ex and UPS are also trusted options to buy postage stamps.

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Places to Buy Stamps in NYC

Here are some most common locations that you can easily found near you to buy stamps in NYC. These include:


Walmart is one of the bigger stores in NYC. You must have heard about it. However, if you don’t know any Walmart store near you, then you can check easily using Google map “is any Walmart stores near me.” This store has so many branches all over the city.

So if there is any store available detected by Google map, then go there are ask for stamps. Also, you should be sure to visit your local store.

Walmart to Buy Stamps in New York

Grocery Stores

There are so many grocery stores in NYC that are offering this service. But you will keep in mind the stamps service is not often out an open display. That’s why you will have to ask the salesman for stamps. If they have, then it’s best for you.

However, if they don’t have, you should call any grocery stores nearby you that intend to buy postage stamps.

Grocery Stores in New York to Buy Stamps


There are lots of pharmacies that are offering postage service. The pharmacies include stamps. CVS, Rite-aid, and others. If these are near around, you then should check out them.

However, there are some small pharmacies also selling postage stamps. You should check on the google map to confirm the postage stamps services.

Pharmacies in New York to Buy Stamps


If you don’t know that the banks are one of them who are selling stamps at a large level, then now well aware of it. So many banks offer to buy postage stamps to your preference.

Banks in New York for Postage Stamps to buy

Online Stores

If you are living in NYC, then there are many online stores available that are providing services to get stamps at your doorstep.

Online Stores to Buy Postage Stamps in New York

One of the biggest online stores is Amazon. Many other platforms claimed to sell postage stamps, but you should go for trusted platforms. You can also buy stamps online from the USPS’s official website.

Office Supply Stores

Staples is one of the office supply stores that selling postage stamps in NYC at a large level. There are many staples stores in NYC, so if you need the stamps, then go to the nearest Staples store and buy stamps.

Office Supply Stores in New York to Buy Stamps

Gas Stations

The most convenient option to buy stamps is a gas station. The gas station tends to be open for 24 hours in a day. But some of them are selling stamps. So you will need to figure out which nearest to your house is selling stamps.

Gas Stations in USA to Buy Postage Stamps


Recently, ATMs also provide the postage stamps service. Not you can’t only withdraw cash; you can also buy stamps when needed. However, the ATMs that tend to buy stamps are appearing all over the west coast. It is also are likely to be on in your area.

Some of the individuals are providing the postage stamps service in NYC. They charge more than their price. The reason is, they buy stamps from the post office or where are selling service available in bulk. Then they sell individually to customers.

We recommend you should make sure you are buying authentic stamps if you are buying from individuals. This individual can easily available on portals such as Craigslist.

ATM Machines to Buy Postal Stamps in New York

However, if there is no need to buy stamps urgently, then it is ideal to buy stamps from the USPS. It is up to you how many stamps you need.

If you are buying stamps online, then they don’t know about the number. They sell stamps at a particular type of package. And you will get the parcel over 36 hours to 48 hours right at your doorstep.

When you are placing your order through online platforms, you should complete all the required requirements to reach the correct destination.

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Where is the main USPS Post Office Located in New York City?

At York Avenue, in the city of New York, the main USPS post office is located since 1483. Also, on the upper East side, there are some branches of the USPS Post Office.

These are close to the American Museum of Natural History. But you should keep in mind that the working hours of the USPS offices are between 8 am to 5 pm. But on Saturday, the working hours are between 9 am to 2 pm.

However, if you want to buy stamps at the appropriate rates in New York City, then it is recommending to buy from USPS. There are many branches available in several parts of the city. For added more convenience, there are small centers for the downtown areas available.

History of the USPS in New York

On July 26th, 1775, the USPS was founded. To date, this company is handling over a billion mail service per day. It is an independent company that has more than 625,000 workers in the city of New York. This company also one of the biggest companies that are fully authorized to work independently.

However, if we talk about the foundation of the USPS, it was beginning from North American areas. At that time, it was a small scale business, especially in the Massachusetts area. But with the time, the USPS not only provide the stamps service but also handles newspaper distribution in the 19th century. But shipment across the city or country started in 1913.

The domestic parcel post and mails transportation were delivered via rails and roads. In 1918, the 10 cent postal was introduce. It was used to send posts regularly and save money. At the end of 1918, over 4 million depositors were recorded.

History of the USPS in New York for Postal Stamps

When the second continental congress started, Franklin was appointed as the first USPS postmaster general. At that time, this company established all over in America, irrespective of its geographical location. It was reported that by the year 2014, the USPS was operating more than 210,000 vehicles to transport mail across the nation.

Now the USPS has been fully automated to accomplish with private packaging at a high level. The shipping companies include UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

But overall, the USPS has the most competitive rates as compared to other options. From a trusted report of 2015, we have found that the USPS was earning $65 billion in revenue yearly.

The Final Words

All in all, we have provided the most suitable options for Where to Buy Stamps in Nyc. We hope you will find them useful. However, if you will need any help, then you can comment in the below section. Thank you for visiting us!

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