Where to Buy Stamps in Canada? Buy US Stamps

Still looking where to buy stamps in Canada? It is effortless to purchase postage stamps in Canada, but these postage stamps are not available at all credible retail places.

If you live in Canada, then there will no doubt to know about the postage stamps and when you require them, but if you are new in this country, then don’t worry. Here is a brief description of the postage stamp of what it is.

Stamps collection has become a huge hobby for many people in Canada. The reason is that the first picture of the postage stamp can be of historical scenery, buildings, personalities, and many people. Since, some previous year’s stamps collection has become one of the most popular hobbies in Canada.

People collect stamps just because of their values. With the passage of time collectable stamps become more valuable as compare to the time when they were purchased.

So, the collection of postage stamps has now become more valuable for many people besides to put them on their postal parcels, letters, and package.

People buy postage stamps in Canada to send Letters, all types of general mails and parcels etc. These stamps can be used to send letters on specific place and person. Each stamp contains the required information placed on it, like country’s name and destination etc.

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When you want to send a letter or parcel via post office in Canada, it demands you to pay a fee; postage stamps will issue to you after paying the full price in return. This postage stamp will be placed on the upper right corner of the envelope to tell the postal service that the required a fee for posting a letter or parcel has been paid.

The best thing is to purchase stamps from the post office; it sells single as well as the booklet of stamps depending upon the type of your parcel. If the post office is shut, then these grocery stores and many other places to your nearby locations will be the best option for you.

Where to Buy Stamps in Canada

Where to Buy Postage Stamps near You in Canada?

It is pretty much easy to buy the postage stamps in Canada. There are a lot of spots that we are going to cover here can be visit to buy stamps. The first and most famous is Canada mail station. You may also visit so many chains of drug stores, CVS Walgreen and walmart etc to buy the stamps for letters.

There are also so many money related exchanges and bank that also offers facility to purchase the postage stamps. You may also visit credit card unions for stamps. But mostly, they offer stamps in form of book or Rolls. This usually consist 20 to 40 stamps pack.

To give the facility of stamps buying and selling, there are some retailers who are managing and setting up the candy machines in their spots. These types of machines provide the facility to hold the postage stamps, money withdrawals and cash requests etc. You may find this machine at the front of the store.

Where to Buy US Stamps in Canada?

Where to Buy US Stamps in Canada

You can also buy the US postage stamps online in Canada, through United States postal service. They will deliver directly at your home. You can find some online organization to avail this opportunity or order directly online through USPS office website. They will send you stamps delivery in very low cost.

Here is a list of places where you can buy postage stamps nearby Canada easily.


Many pharmacies like CVS and Walmart are selling postage stamps at the same rate as post office sells. Besides selling a wide range of non-health products, postage stamps have also been added to the stock catalog in many pharmacies of Canada and the USA.

Pharmacies to buy stamps in canada

Canadian Banks

Although many people are not aware that some banks in Canada are also selling postage stamps. Banks now have become a famous outlet and recently used by many people who have wish to buy postage stamps.

Canadian Banks to buy stamps

Online Stores

Many online suppliers like Amazon have now become very dominating store retailers. You can easily buy postage stamps from many online suppliers and big online stores that are offering this facility.

Online Stores in canada to buy stamps

Gas Stations

The more price thing about the gas station in Canada is that it remains open for 4 hours. So, you can buy postage stamps even at midnight besides buying gas and milk.

Gas Stations in Canada to buy stamps


Everyone knows about the ATMs that how helpful they are, not only in case of cash withdrew but they are now selling postage stamps. These ATMs are locating all over the west coast. More likely they’ll be located in your residential area very soon.

ATMs in Canada to buy Stamps


eBay is now allowing you to buy first-class and forever stamps from here. The good thing is that it is selling single as well as a booklet of stamps. Besides eBay, there are many other national chains in Canada like Circle K, 7 Eleven, QuikTrip, and many others where you can purchase postage stamps whenever needed.

eBay to buy stamps in canada


You can buy postage stamps from the amazon.com or the official postal website of Canada. It is a perfect option for you if you are willing to purchase postage stamps online.

Amazon.com to Buy Stamps


Almost everybody who lives in canada has heard about the walmart. It is one of the best places that sell postage stamps. The company has opened a lot of stores in Canada. You can easily find nearby walmart store near you.

Walmart is selling postage stamps in the form of a booklet called Forever Postage stamps. Forever marks are non-denominational means they maintain their rates no happen if the price goes up and down.

Buy Postage Stamps from Walmart


The best option for buying the postage stamps is the USPS. It provides two mailing Services like Priority Mail Express and First-Class Mailing Service. If your package weighs less than 16oz, then the First-Class Mailing Service is a high and low alternative.

USPS to Buy Stmaps


CVS sells postage stamps. You need to go to the nearby CVS store and ask cashier for the stamps. And the cashier will instantly provide you the postage stamps, but they have few in the drawer. It is selling single and booklet of marks.

CVS to Buy Postage Stamps

Rite Aid

Rite Aid also has very fabulous customer service and has a friendly environment. But first, you should weigh your parcel and letter and then purchase stamps according to your packet weight. If your package weighs less than 2 oz, then don’t waste time here and go to nearby post office to buy a single stamp.

Rite Aid for Stamps in canada

Buy Stamps from Office Supply Stores in Canada

There are also so many office supply stores like Staples that can be visit to buy postage stamps. You can find this store on so many places in Canada.

If you live nearby one of these stores then we recommend you to purchase stamps from there. No doubt this is one of the trusted places to purchase the postage stamps.

Online Stores in canada to buy stamps

How Many Types of Stamps to Buy Near Me in Canada?

When you search to buy postage stamps near me in Canada then you may easily find a lot of best places that are selling stamps. We suggest you to buy stamps in bulk if you’re using postal service frequently. Like this, you can save a lot of money as compare to buy stamps manually.

The postal stamps in Canada are available in form of a book, coil and roll. You can buy stamps in bulk to save your time and money as well.

Rolls of Postage Stamps

You may find so many places in Canada that are selling postage stamps rolls. Usually one rolls of stamps having 10 stamps. If you wanna send a letter or mail many times in a short period then it is really best for you to go with Rolls of stamps to buy.

Books of Stamps in Canada

Like Rolls, there are also so many places that are selling books of in Canada. As compare to Roll, one book of stamps consist 20 stamps. It depends on you how much you can afford and how many letters you have to send. It is best option for people who send more than one letters in a week.

Coil of Stamps to Buy in Canada

As compare to books and Rolls, the coil has large quantity of postal stamps to buy in Canada. One coil consists 10 thousands stamps. There are few retailers who sell Coil of stamps just because it is costly and has ten thousands stamps in it.

Coil is best for those who have a large business and they send hundreds of letters in a week or in a month.

How Much Cost of Stamps in Canada?

The Crown Corporation has revised a hike of five cents for mailing a letter weighing 31 grams or less from January 2019. It means that the booklet of stamps cost jumps from $ 0.85 to $0.89, and the cost of individual postage stamps will rise from $1.00 to $1.04.

Because the prices of stamps are increased that’s why there are so many people prefer to buy book of Roll of stamps. Like that, in bulk they can easily save some money.

Like these, some other super grocery stores like Walgreens and Target are also selling postage stamps at reasonable rates.

But the drawback of these grocery stores is that they do not sell single stamps. If you want only a unique stamp for your letter or parcel then USPS post office, Fed Ex, and Canadian banks are the best option for you.

Cost of Stamps in Canada

How to Order Postage Stamps from the USPS?

Amazingly, you can order postage stamps without any need to go to the post office. Sign in to the account on the USPS.com, navigate “Quick Tool” and click on the online postage stamps from the dropdown menu. Pay for the required stamps and stamps will be at your doorstep.

Postal Service finder tool has now overcome the problem of finding places to your location. You will enter your site, and it will guide you about areas like CVS, Walgreens, and many others to your nearby location.

You have to know that Canadian postal service offers difference facilities. There are most of the users who just know about their shipping service. You should be aware that USPS can also be used to send the fast mail delivery throughout the Canada.

You just have to update your shipping service to avail this opportunity. No doubt, this shipping service is amazing choice for special parcels to send fast in very short time. When the letter will reach to its required destination then you’ll also get message or sign of its delivery. This is definitely one of the best facilities to satisfy the users.

You may also get back your parcel if it not deliver or can’t be received by a person due to any reason.

Final Words:

If the Post Office is closed, then the places mentioned above perhaps you’re finest. If your local grocery store is shut, go to a gas station, or your nearby local grocery stores like CVS or Walmart. Whatever the situation may be, it becomes easier to buy postage stamps nearby grocery stores. It will aid you a lot to save your time and struggle at the Post office. We hope, all this discussion will help you about where to buy stamps in canada.

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