Where to Buy Postage Stamps Near Me? Detailed Guide

Every person in the USA is looking to get the right answer to the question; where to buy postage stamps near me?Postage stamps are used to post a letter, parcel, or package within the country. Also, you must know the no of stamps required to post a letter or parcel and places where you can buy stamps very quickly within the USA.

The best place to purchase stamps is the post office.  It sells single as well as the booklet of stamps, depending upon the type of your parcel.

Knowing nearby places in the USA to buy a single or booklet of stamps can be lifesaver if you want to mail a postcard to a relative or friend mostly happen to be on vacation.

If the post office is not near to your home or working place, then you can buy postage stamps from the following areas given below:

Although this is not an exhaustive list of places to let you purchase stamps at any time of the day you choose.


Walmart to Buy Postage Stamps in USA

It is an excellent alternative to post office for buying postage stamps within the USA. It sells bulk of stamps or booklet in the form of 20 or 100 stamps. Also, it is very famous grocery store in the USA.

Like Walmart, some gas stations and big retailers also sell postal stamps.


Amazon.com to Buy Postage Stamps

You can buy postage stamps from the amazon.com or the USA official postal website. I6 is a perfect option for you if you are willing to purchase postage stamps online.

You need to fill a form available at the amazon.com, and postage stamps will deliver to you in just 2 to 3 days.


Banks to Buy Stamps in USA

A bank is also a good option for buying postage stamps. But the drawback is that it does not always guarantee for uptime. Many others banks give guarantee to carry stamps like Bank of USA and TD bank.


Walgreens in USA to Buy Stamps

It is the most popularly known pharmacy store and sells stamps at very reasonable rates. You have to visit a nearby Walgreens store that is in your locations and ask for a postage stamp to a cashier or customer service manager.

Book Stores and Office Supplies

Book Stores and Office Supplies to Buy Stamps

It is interesting to come to know that Book stores and office suppliers are now selling postage stamps besides mailing of sale materials. It is the most mailing of sale progression for office suppliers and book stores.


Stamps.com to Buy Postage Stamps in USA

Stamps.com is an excellent alternative to post office regarding the postage stamps. The cost of first-class mail letters is $0.54 if you buy Postage stamps at the post office and $0.48 if you buy online postage stamps using Stamps.com.

You will receive a discount when you purchase Postage stamps from stamps.com rather than Post office.

Try Staples and Office Depot in the USA for purchasing single stamps or a variety of stamps as well to start.

Final Verdicts:

I hope that this guideline will be beneficial for you in finding a place where you can buy stamps easily. It depends on your convenience. If your nearby post office is closed, then these places are very convenient for you.

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