How to Send a Letter in the Mail? Mailing Letter Format

If you are looking to send a letter in the mail, then welcome to have a detailed guide. In this digital era, still, there are lots of reasons to send a letter occasionally. Pleasantly, the process of sending a letter in the mail is simple yet straightforward. However, let’s find out the simplest way how to to send a letter in the mail. Keep reading how to send a letter in the mail!

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Getting the Letter Ready

Step 1: Choose an Envelope

Getting the Letter Ready to Send a Mail

When you are getting the letter ready to mail, it is important to choose the right to envelop too. For instance, if you have heavy content to mail, the construction of the envelope should be strong.

The envelope will be a breakthrough. However, some factors are considered when you choose an envelope. These factors include:

Weight of Paper

If you have heavier content to mail, you should get the envelope according to the weight of the paper.

On the other hand, if the contents that you are mailing it weights light, then we recommend getting an envelope that doubles the weight of contents. The reason is, the envelop paper will secure your content regardless of any conditions.

Besides, if you are mailing photos or any else heavy cardstock, then always pick a sturdier envelope rather than a paper envelope. The sturdy envelop can handle the weight appropriately.

Size of the Envelope

The size of the envelope should be equal to the content inside. Any written letter typically folded into thirds. If you are writing a letter on the 8½ by 11-inch paper (standard paper size letter) is mailed in business-size envelopes. However, if the written letter is on notecards, then a smaller envelope is enough.

The Intent of the Letter

For professional letters, the mailing cover letter should be simple and business sized. While to mail as personal latter, it depends on you how decorative or colorful it will.


Lastly, an important factor is the letter’s destination. For overseas destinations, the envelope should have sturdier material. The reason is, it is risky to mail in a paper envelope; it could get damaged along the way.

Step 2: Enclose the Letter and Seal the Envelope

Enclose the Letter and Seal the Envelope

When you have to choose the right to envelop for your letter, it’s time to place the letter inside. Now moisten the edge to cover the envelope with glue. Press the edge through your fingertips to seal the letter safely.

  • For covering up, you can use a wet sponge. Get a little water and wet sponge slightly to moisten the envelope edge. You can try this step if you don’t want to lick it.
  • Get a transparent tap and place it along the edge of the envelope to seal it safely. You can try this method if there are chances the letter might open on its way.

Step 3: Address the Envelope

Address the Envelope to send a letter

When you have sealed the envelope, it’s time to write the address where the latter is going to mail. To write the address, you should place it at the center of the front of the envelope so that the postman will read it.

There are certain things required for the address. It includes the recipient’s name, house name, apartment name, street name, city name, state or province name, and lastly, postal or zip code.

If you know the zip code, then write nine or eleven-digit zip code. For the state, use the two-letter postal code. If you think how to write, then be simple.

You should use dark ink with clear upper-case letters so that the postman will be able to read easily. If you are writing with light ink and quickly, it may be difficult to mail will be given accurately.

Here are some tips regarding how to send a letter in the mail when you write address:

  • If you are mailing a letter to the outside of your country, it is recommended to place the country name in upper-case letters at the bottom of the address.
  • Some persons want to send mail to the post office box rather than a street address. In this case, you will need to write the right post office box number carefully. It is good to mention address by city, state, or country one by one.
  • Lastly, you should write each section of the address line by line to make it more legible. For instance:
  • Greener SKY
  • BELGIUM NM 87041

Step 4: Write Your Return Address

Write Your Return Address on letter

Write your return address so that you will get the letter if any case, the letter doesn’t make it to the recipient. To ensure this, before mailing the letter, you should write your name (if you wish), and the address should be at the top left corner of the envelope on the front of the envelope.

The reason is, the mailing address is recommended to place at the back of the envelope for ease of postal handling. It is better to write the return address at the front of the envelope.

Finding the Right Postage

Step 1: Use the First-Class Stamp

How to send a letter in the mail needs a stamp. A stamp should be at the top-right corner of the envelope. You can purchase stamps at the nearer postal office, Bank, retails stores, ATMs, and online at USPS.

Besides, if you are mailing a latter of standard size weighing less, it is needed to place an ounce stamp and addressed to a U.S address, including FPO and an APO address.

  • There are different types of stamps available. It depends on you which stamps you want to buy. Any of the design of stamps are available where the stamps are selling services available such as post office, Bank, and others. You will need to find a nearer place where are stamps available and ask to see the stamps collection to purchase.
  • Stamps price varied periodically. If you already have stamps, then you should check the price of them. Visit to make sure the stamps have will still cover the cost of the first-class stamps. If the price wills-less, then you can use more than one stamp.

Finding the Right Postal Service to Send A Letter

Step 2: Buy Extra Postage

If your mailing letter will be mail overseas or have heavier contents, it requires to place extra postage to reach its destination. All you will need to visit for this purpose. There are displaying all the current postage rates.

  • Have you any accurate postage scale at home? If yes, then you weigh and measure your letter to determine how much postage will need to pay. When you record measurements, you should visit to check for rates. If it matches, you will need to affix the stamps at the top-right corner of the letter.
  • In case you don’t have a scale to measure, you will have to take your letter to a nearer post office to have it weighed. After the measurement, the receptionist will tell you how much pay to buy stamps.

Mailing the Letter

Step 1: Place the Letter in a Blue Collection Box

  • If you are living in the United States, there are blue USPS mailboxes available to mail the letter. Perhaps, you will notice nearer around you. Open it and place your letter in the given slot at the top of it. Then close it. At the box, the time is placed when the postal worker will collect your mailing letter and start the sorting-and-delivery process.
  • On the other hand, if you are mailing the letter after the indicating time when the mails get picked up each day, then don’t you worry. The postman will get your letter in the box for the next business day at the mentioned time.

Mailing the Postage letter

Step 2: Place the Letter in Your Mailbox

If there is a mailbox around your home, then place the mailing letter there. After that, there is a red flag out of the mailbox, pull it up, or by rolling the flag out.

The mail workers know that sign; this means there is a letter that needs attention. You should make sure. The flag would be visible to see at a distance

Step 3: Take the Letter to Any Post Office

If you don’t have a postage stamp, you can leave your letter with a postal clerk. The postal clerk will mail it to you. Even when you don’t need postage, you can still take your letter to the post office to be mailed.


Is It Free To Mail A Letter?

No, there is minimal fee must pay to mail a letter. The stamps on the letter represent fees.

When Will My Letter Arrive From Another Country?

For international mail, you will have to wait for a week or longer.

How Do I Send A Letter Without Stamps?

You can’t send a letter without stamps. The reason is, stamps represent a fee that is necessary when you are mailing a letter regardless of the destination location.

How Much Does A Forever Stamp Cost?

Forever stamp cost is the same as a first-class stamp cost at the time of purchase.

The Final Words

All in all, we have covered all the points regarding how to send a letter in the mail. We hope so you will get enough details. Thank you for visiting us!

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