How Much is a Book of Stamps? Current Postage Rates

How Much is a Book of Stamps? U.S postal service makes it easier to send parcel or letter to your friends or relatives from a distant place. You can send your package or box within or outside the country. One or two stamps will be required to submit a parcel or letter to an individual.

But the Grocery or drug store like Walmart or many others sell stamps in the form of the book instead of single mark. But question is that how much is a book of stamps?

Before going to the main topic, it’s necessary to know what a book of the stamp is.

You can also calculate postal rate concerning your post weight, dimensions, size and destination which reflects your cost of posting and delivering items.

How Much Is a Book Of Stamps? Stamps Buying Cost in USA

It is necessary to know which item or product you are Posting. These items are divided into four categories so that you can quickly determine the cost.

  • Letter/postcard
  • Envelops (large or small)
  • Packet
  • Parcel
  • Apart from the single stamp, you can also purchase stamp in the form of book, roll or coil.

Letters Per Ounce

The number of stamps we need for a message depends on how many ounces the letter is.

Letters can be 1 oz to 3.5 oz

1 ounce = 1 First class stamp = 49 cents+ additional ounce is 29 cents

Thus, for the purpose of illustration:

1-ounce letter = 49 cents

2-ounce letter = 69 cents

3-ounce letter = 90 cents

Different Form of Stamps

  • Roll – 10 stamps.
  • Booklet – 20 stamps.
  • Roil – A set of large 10,000 stamps.

Book of Stamps

Book of Stamps in USA

It is a booklet of little sheets of stamps in a plastic cover. First-class forever stamp comprises of 20 marks. You can now purchase the book of Postage stamps at a wholesale rate and reasonable prices.

Also, it is more suitable to get stamps in bulk if you frequently use the postal service for sending letters or parcels to your friends and kinsfolks. Now the question is How Much does a Book of Stamps cost? You may reflect that it may charge you a lot, but it’s not the fact.

Actually, from Jan. 27, 2017, the cost of sending a normal-sized letter weighing 1 ounce has been increased. The list of their increasing rate is given below:

StampsIncrease in prices
FOREVER STAMPS55 cents from 50 cents
Small and flat envelopes$7.90 from $7.20
Certified mail$3.50 from $3.45

Priority and flat rates are going up accordingly. Postage Stamp prices rose in 2017.

Current Rates of Postage Stamps

First-class mail letters49 cents +extra ounce 21 cents
Postcard34 cents

How Much is a Book of Stamps? The U.S issued its first booklet with 20 stamps at the rate of 2 cents to start with. Later, in 1907 cent stamps were also issued alongside for the Postage stamps used on postcards.

Booklet of stamps is quite useful for those who often use postal stamps. You can keep them safe without any damage and can use them whenever you need with ease.

Rate of Postage Stamps

The price of postage stamps changes every year about the revised standards done by the United States Postal Service (USPS). But the patch itself has no expiry date. When the rate changes, additional postage stamps will be required about the new rate.

Though you have Book of stamps forever, you need not be worried about because when the postage rate change as it will remain valid every year.

Current Rate Of Postage Stamps in USA


If you are unable to find Post Office nearby, you can also buy stamps from Walmart. It is an alternative of Post Office to purchase stamps after getting details of how much is a book of stamps? Booklet of postage stamps is stereotypically available in the form of books of 20 marks.

The recent price for a brochure of 20 “forever” stamps is $11.

You can also buy a booklet of 100 stamps, postcard, and the bulk of 100 marks. It also sells Book of Postage stamps to third party Retailors.


If you are in the US and have difficulty of finding book of stamps from here, you can buy stamp from easily. US Post Office also is known as USPS. You can also purchase booklet of 100 marks, postcard and bulk of 100 marks from here. It also retails Book of Postage stamps to third party Retailors.

Limitation of First-Class Mailing Service

You can send normal postcards, letters, flat rate and for larger envelopes and small packages up to 15.99 ounces using First Class Mail.

If your package weight is above 15.99 ounces then you cannot avail first-class mailing service, it will be essential for you to upgrade the first-class mail to Priority Mailing Service.

How to buy Stamps from

You have to go to official web named as USPS. It is an official web of U.S Post Office. It is primarily intended to save time., fill a form and book of 20 or 100 postage stamps will be at your doorstep.

First Class International Stamps Booklet


It includes general postage items like greeting cards, credit and debit cards statements, billing invoices, and many more.

The cost of first-class mail letters is $0.55 if you buy Postage stamps at the post office and $0.47 if you purchase and print stamps online using

Before buying a booklet of the stamp, you should know that a first-class international book of postage stamps is different than a standard first-class stamps booklet.

Now the rate of first-class international booklet of postage stamps have been increased from 0.49 cents. But the USPS rate is round about 0.49 cents. The cost of a book of stamps, yet, did increase from $9.20 to $9.80.

First Class Postage Stamps USA

Forever Brand

The Forever brand is considered to be one of the most common booklets of postage stamps available in the U.S market. It is available in the form of quantities like 20, 40 and 100s. It becomes cheaper with the addition of more pieces being contained in this booklet.

Corresponding, for example, a forever book of postage stamps contains 20 pieces, and it will be known to cost $9.80 in contrast to those with 40 parts estimating about $25.85.

Forever booklet of stamps maintains their rates than the cost of sending a mail whose rate increase every year and it can also be used to send a parcel, packet or letter at very reasonable rates.

Before purchasing a booklet of postage stamps from first-class or any other category, you need to make damn sure that how much is a book of stamps. Receiving the final mark for your outline, letter size or mail class is well-thought-out to be imperative. The larger the volume of stamps, the cheaper is known to become.

If you are to send mail to other parts of the world, it is very crucial to know how much are stamps. Postage rates differ regarding weigh, dimensions and size of the letter or parcel and the destination country.

Overall, the postage rates for Canada and Mexico are cheaper compared to tolls of postage stamps to other countries.

USA Forever Postage Stamps

Postage Rate per Ounce Letters for International Countries

CountriesPer ounce Letters cost
Canada and Mexico$0.85
Other countries$1.05

Postal Regulatory Commission

The United States Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) today of price changes to take effect Jan. 21, 2019. The new approved prices comprise a one-cent increase in the worth of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp from 49 cents to 50 cents.

But the fact is that there is no price change for single-piece letters being mailed internationally destinations or domestically extra ounce.

The planned prices and Posting Items product prices have a direct relationship which are approximately 1.9 percent increase, and most Shipping Services products will have 3.9 percent price rise on average.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) tells us that when the Mailing Services worth rises are limited, Shipping Services charges are attuned strategically, giving market circumstances and the necessity to sustain reasonable facilities for clients.

Postal Regulatory Commission USA

The increase rate of Current Postage Mailing Service is given below:

Items Previous priceCurrent rate
Letters (1 ounce)49 cents50 cents
Letter extra ounces21 centsNo change
Letter(metered)46 cents47 cents
Internationally out bounded letters (1 ounce)$ 1.14$ 1.15
Domestic Postal cards34 cents35 cents

There is a 3.9 percent increase in Priority Mailing Service rates and 0.8 percent in New shipping Mailing services.

IF you don’t know how many booklet of postage stamps will you require to mail a letter, parcel, package or other mailing items, don’t worry!!! You are in the right place because I am going to tell you about the Booklet of Postage stamps for sending your letter, package or many others.

Booklet of Postage Stamps Require for A USPS Postage

U.S Postal mailing Service works for mailing letters, packages, cataloging, sending mail, and marketing postal items like stamps, mailing materials, and commemorations.

First Class Mail Metered Mail (Discounted)
Letters: weigh 1 ounce

Cost: $0.50

Letters: weigh 1 ounce

Cost: $0.47+$0.21 for every additional ounce

Larger Envelopes:

Cost: $1.00+$0.21 for every additional ounce

First Class Letter Postage Stamps are perfect for letters that weight within 3.5 ounces.

  • Maximum Bulk of a Letter: 1 ounce (in case of using 1 Forever Postage Stamp)
  • Maximum Bulk of a Letter: 3.5 ounces (in case of using 1 First Class Postage Letter Stamp)

Current Post Office/Whole Sale Rate of Booklet of Stamps:

There are two types of Mailing services that offer different rates of Booklet stamps about weight, size, dimensions of the envelopes.

  • First-class Mailing Services
  • Priority Express Mailing Service

First-Class Mailing (Cost Per Ounce Letters)

LettersPostal Stamps rates (2017)Postal Stamps rates (2018)Postal Stamps current rates (2020)
Letter (1 ounce)$ 0.49$ 0.50$ 0.55
1-ounce Letter +extra ounce$ 0.20$ 0.21$ 0.15
Flat/ large envelopes$ 0.99$ 1.00$ 1.00
Flat/ large envelopes+ extra ounce envelopes$ 0.21$ 0.21$ 1.15
Booklet pf stamps (20)$ 9.20$ 9.80$ 10.35
Post cards$ 0.34$ 0.35$ 0.35

Priority Postage Mailing Service (Flat rate Envelopes)

EnvelopesPostal Stamps rates (2018)Postal Stamps current rates (2020)
Express Mail Lengthened flat rate Envelope$ 24.70$ 25.50
Express Mail Smooth Rate Envelope$ 25.40


$ 26.19
Express Mail Authorized flat rate Envelope$ 25.90$ 25.71
Priority Mail Lengthened flat rate envelope$ 6.70$ 7.35
Priority Mail Authorized Flat Rate Envelope$ 7.24$ 8.01
Priority Mail Smooth Rate Envelope$ 7.00$ 7.65

Special Discount on

You will receive a discount when you purchase Postage stamps from online website rather than a Post office.

Comparison of Post Office Rates with Stamps.Com Rate

Mailing ProductsMaximum BulkMaximum ThicknessMaximum DimensionPost office ratePostage Discount
Post card1 ounce4.4.”5.9”$ 0.35$ 0.30$ 0.05
Letter1 ounce6.125”11.4”$ 0.50$0.45$ 0.05
Letter2 ounces6.125”11.4”$ 0.70$0.65$ 0.05
Letter3 ounces6.125”11.4”$0.75$0.70$ 0.05
Letter3.5 ounce6.125”11.4”$ 0.95$0.90$ 0.05

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Final Words

Do we hope you found this booklet of postage stamps buying guide convenient enough to help you to solve problems like how much is a book of stamps? And any other questions relating to finding places and sites to buy a book of postage stamps near me.

Also, if you have any queries about this Guide, feel free to share with us. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your groups and have fun.

Generally, there are more than 48,000 positions where you can purchase stamps across the United States with those who retail booklet of stamps. You can visit any of the places listed above to get the booklet of marks and can know the cost of Postage stamps from different mailing Services.

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