Does Walmart Sell Stamps? A Complete Guide to Buy Stamps

Are you looking to purchase stamps? Is your post office not opened? Does Walmart sell stamps? There are many questions in the minds of people related to seals. Here, I will clear your confusions. Yes, you can buy stamps from Walmart at the same price as the post office. Stay here for more details!

It has a variety of stamps, and you will buy whose stamp which suits for your letter or parcel. In direction to sort out this issue, we have prepared a brief detail of Walmart grocery store which you can use to buy stamps speedily.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps in USA

Booklet Postage Stamps

There are books of stamps available with the 20 stamps per book. If you are looking for a price of per book, then the latest price is $11 per book.

If you want to want to purchase booklet of 100 stamps, then it is available on Walmart store. They are also selling booklets of 100 stamps to retailers.

The number of stamps fastened to the letter depends on the bulk of the message. The only task for you is to know the approximate weight and dimensions of the envelope then you should visit nearby Walgreens store to buy stamps.

Amazingly, you can also buy online postage stamps from site. If you did not find nearby Walmart grocery store, don’t worry!! Use your google map on android devices to find it. Walgreen app is also available you can easily install it on your PC or Android devices.

If USPS or post office is not located near to you, then Walmart is the best option for you.

Walmart also leftovers 24/24 You can purchase every type of postage stamp from here. I also used to purchase postage stamps from here. There is no time requirement for that because of its leftovers round the clock.

Booklet Of Postage Stamps to Send Mail in USA

Is Walmart Best for Mailing Postage Stamp?

Yes!! Walmart is best works finest for mailing letters, packages, cataloging, sending mail, and marketing postal items like stamps, mailing materials, and commemorations.

This store sells a single stamp or in the form of booklet. Now, choice is yours. Now the question is that What is booklet of stamps?

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What is a Booklet of stamp?

The booklet of stamps is a collection of 20 stamps covered in plastic cover. If you are unable to purchase booklets from the post office, then you don’t need to worry because you can buy them from the Walmart store at the wholesale rate.

If you need many stamps for regular uses, then you should buy in bulk because it can be available at low cost. Now you should know the price or value of a booklet in size. Let me clear that it is not expensive as you think it very affordable.

It is necessary to know which item or product you are posting. These items are divided into four categories so that you can easily limit the cost.

  • Letter/postcard
  • Envelops (large or small)
  • Packet
  • Parcel
  • Apart from the single stamp, you can also purchase stamp in the form of book, roll or coil.

What is a Booklet Of Stamps in USA

A different Form of Stamps

  • Roll of 10 stamps
  • Booklet –20 stamps.
  • A set of 10000 stamps.

How Many Stamps Do I Need?

If you don’t know how many Postage stamps will you require to mail a letter, parcel, package or other mailing items, don’t worry!!!You are in the right place because I am going to tell you the exact no of Postage stamps for sending your letter, package or many others using Walmart facility.

  • For mailing a 1-ounce legal-size envelope within the US, it will require two forever postal stamps.
  • Don’t forget that it is not possible to use first-class mailing services over the weight of 15.99 Ounces. Moreover, you can upgrade to priority mailing services.
  • First class letter postage stamps are perfect for letters that weight within 3.5 ounces.
  • Booklet of stamps is more useful for the people who use stamps in routine for different purposes. You can save your booklet of stamps and use it when you need in the future.

How Many Stamps Do I Need to Send A Letter

Final Words

I have discussed the detailed answer to your question, “does Walmart sells stamps.” I hope you have satisfied with the answer. Many people think that the stamps are expensive on stores like Walmart, but you don’t need to worry because you can purchase stamps from Walmart at same rate you are buying from post office.

Sometimes, it happens with me that post office was not opened. So, I was worried to find the best store to buy stamps. At that time, my friend recommended me to purchase from Walmart. It was a great experience. I hope you will enjoy this experience as well.

Moreover, if you have any queries, let us know through comments. We will discuss your questions to guide you more in details. Thanks for visiting us!

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