Does Target Sell Stamps? How to Buy Stamps Online

Do you have any problem with buying stamps near to you? People have a question does target sell stamps or not? Don’t worry! You are at right place because I am going to tell you about the most popular grocery store in the U.S where you can buy postage stamps at the same rate.

Target is considered as the two largest grocery stores in the U.S. In the previous time, target only sold some groceries and necessary things but now the time has been changed, Now, it also has the availability of selling stamps in the form of booklet. Not all the grocery stores sold postage stamps; I will recommend you to call its customer service before visiting target.

There are only a few Target stores in the U.S who are entitled to sell postage stamps. It is selling stamps at the same rate as the post office sell. Target is selling stamps in the form of booklet.

If you require only one stamp for your letter or envelope, then the Target is not suitable for you because it does not sell a single stamp.

United States Posting Service (USPS) opened up the facility for the other grocery and pharmacy stores to buy postage stamps at reasonable rates.

Does Target Sell Stamps to send a letter

History Of Target

It was founded in 1902; it was known as Good-fellow Dry Goods. Target app is also available where you can buy online postage stamps.

You can also get many other goods like food items, baby toys, furniture, electronic products, CD’s, baby clothes and many other products beside postage stamps.

It is also selling small and large size envelopes according to your letters, postcards, parcels, and packets weigh and dimensions.

Its rank is in the top ten grocery stores of the U. S and has more than 347,000 employees.

Target commonly open for 24/7, you can get stamps at any time of the day whenever you needed it.

If you have trouble to find which Target near me can provide stamps, google for it and ask for your required postage stamps. You can also avail the target online ordering facility so that your tension of visiting the target grocery store can be removed and making a cart.

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What is the Book of Stamp?

Instead of a single stamp, Book of stamp contains 20 or 40 stamps. These are first-class forever stamps that are used to send a regular envelope through U.S postal mailing Service. Booklet of stamp will be suitable for you in that situation when you are not mailing letter or parcel regularly.

Target Red Card

Target Red Card - Buy Stamps from Target

It also gives the target red card to its regular customers. They will provide you with some special discount on postage stamps if you avail target regularly for shopping and many other purposes.

It is valid for all the location and branches of the target within the U.S. Target gives 5% discount on every items or stamp to its regular clients.

If you don’t have any time to visit the target, you print or buy postage stamps from the You need to pay for the stamps by only your ATM card, and your required postage stamps will be at your doorstep.

You must weigh your package before buying a stamp. Go to fruit and vegetable section of the Target and consider your container, they will tell you how many stamps do you need for your letter, parcel or packet.

Your postage items or package will be in the form of:

  • Letter
  • Invitation Card
  • Parcel
  • Cartons

Rate of First-Class International Stamps at


It includes general postage objects like invitation cards, credit and debit cards statements, bills and many other bank-related invoices and many more.

The cost of first-class mail letters is $0.55 if you buy Postage stamps at the post office and $0.47 if you purchase and print stamps online using

How to Buy Stamps from

You need to go to official web named It is primarily intended to save time, fill a form and booklet of 20 or 50 postage stamps will be at your doorstep.

Buy Stamps from in USA

Current Rates of Postage Stamps

Postage Stamp rates rose in 2017. Priority mailing and flat envelopes rates are going up accordingly.

Stamps Cost
First-class mail letters 49 cents +extra ounce 21 cents
Invitation card 34 cents
International mailing stamps $1.15

Final Verdict

I think this guide for buying about does target sell stamps are convenient enough to solve your problems like is Target postage of sale stamps and what is postage stamps cost here? And any other questions relating to finding Target grocery store and its online site to buy book of postage stamps near you.

Also, if you have any queries about this Guide, feel free to share with us. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your groups and have fun.

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