Does Safeway Sell Stamps? Complete Buyer’s Guide

If this question arises in your mind that does Safeway sell stamps? Then, it is obvious to say that, yes! They sell stamps.

This platform is well-known in USA providing lots of essential products. The good news is! Recently this store added postage stamps to sell. The price of postage stamps at this store doesn’t vary from the price at the US Postal Service. Like the other stores, this store also is not going to sell the individual unit of stamps.

But you can get stamps as booklets which are up to 20 in each of booklet. Well, the price would be that of the 20 forever stamps in those booklets. For this, you can combine the stamps need with other shopping requirements like household shopping, grocery along with the postage stamps shopping. Yes, now at a single spot, you can get what you need including stamps.

Does Safeway Sell Postage Stamps

Buy Stamps at Safeway

Entirely as merely sell other dairy products, accessories, and other food items. Safeway is now selling the postage stamps too. Also, the postage stamps would be the same range available at the same price as that of USPS.

This store opens all the day timing from 8am to 10pm. It is open for six days in a week as the same time, but when the times comes to Sunday, it free 9 am to 6pm or 12noon to 6pm, sometimes it depends on the location. Just need to go and buy the required items.

Moreover, during working hours, it is safe to go for stamps. You’ll have to search for the nearest Safeway from your home and walk into the store. But, when you reach a store, ask the receptionist for postage stamps. They will further guide you.

Also, you have the books of 20 forever stamps. You have a choice of how many books you have to buy at the same price as USPS. After the billing process, go and get anything else you want.

Buy Postage Stamps at Safeway Store in USA

Postage Stamps Price in Safeway

If you don’t know the postage price in Safeway, then there is no need to worry. I have come with every detail related to postage stamps. If you are interested, follow me.

First and foremost, the leading store Safeway now selling stamps. With other products, you can get the stamps too at this store. Also, the best thing is it is near your home.

However, this store sells the stamps in the form of the booklet as many other stores sell. This booklet contains forever stamps which are about 20 in range. Also, the price of the stamps as same the USPS has. If you want to get one booklet then the cost will of 20 stamps in the brochure as per the current rate that is announced by the USPS.

Postage Stamps Price in Safeway Stores

Safeway Store Near You

All you need to find the Safeway near your house. It is not difficult to find this leading store in the US. The Safeway is the subsidiary of the famous Albertsons which has headquarters in California. There are a full chain of stores that are easy to access by anyone.

Let me help you, most of the Safeway stores are located in Southwest, America West, and the Rocky Mountains which is a central area in the Atlanta area of Canada as well as in the Midwest.

Moreover, many of the chains are in Washington and in Colorado too.

About Safeway

In 1915, Marion Barton originally founded the Safeway. From starting, this store has a few subsidiaries like Randall’s, food market, Pavilions and more. Later on, in 1926, the owner merged nearly 400+ stores and incorporating the chain in the names of Safeway. Too, this store became the leading store in 2015.

Now Safeway has over 250000 employees in USA. Besides providing the flowers, liquor, dry cleaning products, lottery, photographic items, the Safeway is now offering the stamps like Western Union and of course USPS. Also, the same price as the USPS determines.

All you’ll need to get the nearest stores and buy the stamps with additional products too, only in one store.

Safeway Stores to Buy Postage Stamps in USA


Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

Yes! Safeway is a leading chain of stores in the USA which is now selling the stamps too.

Does Safeway Sell Stamps in California?

Yes! Safeway offers the stamps. You can easily buy them near to your home.

What the Price of Stamps at Safeway?

Well, the Safeway offered the same price for stamps as the same by USPS. However, you can get the one booklet which consists of 20 marks and will charge 20 stamps per 1 booklet.

The Conclusion

Above all, The Safeway is offering to sell the postage stamps. Now you can get the stamps near your Safeway store. Moreover, the price is the same as the USPS determines. You can get 20 stamps in one booklet as other platform sells.

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