Does CVS Sell Stamps? Stamps Buying Guide in USA

Absolutely yes, CVS sell postage stamps in USA. CVS stands for Consumer Value Store. It remains open round the clock. Moreover, you can buy postage stamps from here even at the end of the eleventh hour. Let’s talk briefly about Does CVS Sell Stamps?

CVs are just like a pharmacy, and it sells stamps in the form of a booklet. It sells every kind of stamps, but you should make sure that you are purchasing authentic stamps. So, you can easily find the CVS pharmacy store using store location.

It is one of the best and most popular pharmacy stores in the U.S. People go to the pharmacy store to buy medicines, one of the best modern drugstores. CVS does not sell single stamp; it is selling stamps in the form of a booklet. If you want to get single stamp, then you should make the extra trip for the post of that stamp.

Book of stamp contains 20 stamps. These are First-Class Forever Stamps that are used to send a regular envelope through U.S mailing Service. And, booklet of stamp will be suitable in that situation when you don’t send mail regularly.

CVS also leftovers 24/7. You can purchase every type of postage stamp from here. I used to purchase postage stamps from here. There is no time requirement for that because of its leftovers round the clock.

Does CVS Sell Stamps in USA

Before going to the CVS pharmacy for buying stamps, you must know the current rates of postage stamps that are given below:

Priority and flat rates are going up, accordingly. Postage stamp prices rose in 2017.

Current Rates of Postage Stamps

Stamps Cost
First-class mail letters 49 cents +extra ounce 21 cents
Postcard 34 cents
International $1.15

How to Buy Stamps From CVS.Com?

Simply, go to the official web named as is especially intended to save time. Simply, fill a form and book of 20 or 100 postage stamps will be at your doorstep.

Per Ounce Stamps

Many stamps fastened to the letter depends on the bulk of the letter. The only task for you is to know the approximate weight and dimensions of the envelope. The best choice is forever for mailing normal-sized, one-ounce letters in the United States.

You have to check the weight of your standard letter, if its weight is one ounce plus, don’t affix forever stamps on the envelope because in this case, your letter will be returned because of less postage.

Rate of First-Class International Stamps Booklet


It includes general postage items like greeting cards, credit and debit cards statements, billing invoices, and many more.

The cost of first-class mail letters is $0.55 if you buy Postage stamps at the post office and $0.47 if you purchase and print stamps online by means of

Booklet of Postage Stamps Cost in USA

Booklet of Stamps Cost

Before buying a booklet of stamp from the nearest pharmacy or any other grocery store, you should know that a first-class international book of Postage stamps is different than a standard first-class stamps booklet. But now the rat of the first-class international booklet of postage stamps have been increased from 0.49 cents. But the USPS rate is round about 0.49 cents. The cost of a book of stamps, yet, did increase from $9.20 to $9.80.

Current Postage Stamps Rate at CVS/Whole Sale Rate of Booklet of Stamps:

There are two types of Mailing services that offer different rates of Booklet stamps about weight, size, dimensions of the envelopes.

First-class Mailing (cost per ounce letters)

Letters Postal Stamps rates (2017) The Postal Stamps rates (2018) Postal Stamps current rates (2020)
The Letter (1 ounce) $ 0.49  0.50 Cents $ 0.55
1-ounce Letter +extra ounce $ 0.20  0.21 Cents $ 0.15
Flat/ large envelopes $ 0.99  1.00 Cents $ 1.00
The Flat/ large envelopes+ extra ounce envelopes $ 0.21  0.21 Cents $ 1.15
Booklet pf stamps (20) $ 9.20  9.80 Cents $ 10.35
Post cards $ 0.34 $ 0.35 $ 0.35

If you have difficulty to find which CVS near me can provide stamps, google for it and ask your required stamps. Moreover, you can also avail the CVS online ordering facility that can remove your tension of visiting the pharmacy store and making a cart.


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Final Words

Consequently, once you know your package’s or letter weight and dimensions, you can input those and see its better estimates, and even you can buy stamps from CVS and can print them online. It will aid you a lot to save your time and struggle at the Post office.

Also, before arranging a trip to your nearby CVS store, it’s directly an excellent idea to check the timing of our nearest CVS pharmacy store and purchase First class forever stamps from here.

We hope you will understand that Does CVS Sell Stamps? And what kind of stamps to use in different mailing set-ups and CVS is the best option for you. Happy mailing!

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