Where to Buy Stamps? Ultimate Guide to Buy Postage Stamps in 2021

Where to Buy Stamps? Stamps come with a small piece of paper that is important in two ways. Stamps have marked value that assigns to pay the charges to the post office so that your item or data where you want to send. Every country has its unique stamps.

The other way to describe its value is as a collector item. They print stamps in a vast range of artful and commemorative editions to celebrate event, things or some persons relating to the country issuing the stamps.

Older stamps are rare, as some people collect them both for value and art.

When you need to mail the item or deliver any package, it is required to attach Postage Stamps that you buy from the postage service so that you can able to provide the box or mail the item into other location.

Where to Buy Stamps?

It is essential to know the places that Where to Buy Stamps or near the places where you have been living. Nevertheless, in case of, you are buying stamps for international, books, or single stamps, it is wiser to know the stamps seller, if you want to send mails or postcards.

If you are living in the USA, then you can purchase stamps online from the Postal service of United States as well as you can also purchase other online reputable retailers such as Amazon, Stamps.com, and big-box retailer like Walmart. Also, banks and gas stations sell stamps.

Are you looking for stamps? Or if you have a question like Where to Buy Stamps in the USA then you are at right place. Here you can enough detail where you can get marks. Let’s find out some of the most apparent seller places where can you buy stamps!

Here is a complete guide where you can get the best-selling stamps options!

  • Amazon Order Stamps Online
  • Walmart
  • A Gas Station
  • Banks
  • Pharmacies
  • An ATM
  • Book Stores
  • UPS Stores
  • Staples
  • USPS

Amazon Order Stamps Online

Amazon is not just for selling brands; it is one of the biggest platforms where you can purchase online stamps as you require. Where to Buy Stamps online through an E-commerce site, it doesn’t come with a single patch, you have to buy by the sheet, but the companies make this process convenient for you. It delivered your order within two days.

Stamps price depends on weight as well as price zone. Amazon provides every possibility to deliver your order. Even you can order on Amazon from your computer or Smart Phone so that you can easily access this online retailer. Just request for Postage stamps on Amazon whenever you need.


Almost in every city has one or more Walmart stores. And if you want to know Where to Buy Stamps, then it is not going to be tough anymore. As Walmart offers to anyone or any time get marks as you want. The good thing is, Walmart stores are always open, so you don’t have to see the limitation as bank required.

You can also buy other material like writing paper, wrapping paper, envelop, you can get all the things from this big store. This store lets you not going to face any hassle in finding stamps.  Get everything for a postcard at a genuine price!

A Gas Station

Yes! You heard right; the Gas station is one of the best ways to Where can I buy single stamps near me!

When it comes to buying stamps, the most convenient option is gas stations that are always open since they are serving gas. And this option is much better than banks.

Unluckily, all stations don’t offer postage stamps, but most of the big stations provide stamp selling service. If you want to purchase stamps then you can go to the counter and ask for stamps, another way is to ask the clerk.

Further, you can check online by searching “gas station providing stamps service,” and if there is any gas station available then you can quickly get stamps from there.


If you are finding a way where can I get a stamp, then here we’ve got an option for you!

Another extremely convenient way about Where to Buy Stamps is banks. Almost in each city, there are one or more banks, but the major inconvenient thing is banks have limited opening hours.

Instead of this, Banks will sell stamps. Virtually, every bank has marks to sell, but sometime they’ll not provide you with all the other stuff you might need such card or letter to send. It is good to buy stamps from banks.


Although all pharmacies are not guaranteed to carry stamps some renown pharmacies do such as Walgreens, RiteAid and CVS have a huge stamps stock. To find a pharmacy, there should be one right for you. Recently, Pharmacies are the top-notch option to Where to Buy Stamps!


ATM is a relatively new fast answer to the question Where to Buy Stamps. Fewer ATM do sell stamps availability; you can purchase stamps of the more modern ATM’s.

There are many ATMs available on the West Coast that sell stamps as part of their service expect this service to spread as time passes.

Book Stores and Office Supply Stores

Where to Buy Stamps, if there is no bank, ATM near around you. Then there must be an incredibly convenient option, book store or office supply store.

As bookstores are not getting popular as other selling stamps options. Let me tell you, some of the best book stores, as well as office supply stores, have been selling stamps for years.

You need to find them. Sometime it might be a bit of a hit or miss affair finding out. You can also try Office Depot, Office Max for a start and staples.  It is the best way Where to Buy Stamps near me!

UPS Stores

When it comes where to buy postage stamps? Then UPS Office is here to help you; you likely be found selling stamps service in all UPS Stores. In other words, whether a book store of 20 or individually all offer already stamped envelopes.

If you are going to get answer about Where to Buy Stamps, then UPS Store can be good choice, firstly you need to make sure it is not a package center. Because these are specific for sorting and placing mail orders that are handled by corporate accounts.

If nearing your place, there you find a smaller UPS Store then let them know you would like stamps so they can arrange for you.

The opening times of UPS Stores are usually 8 am and close at 6 to 7 pm, five days a week thoroughly. Sometimes, working days are determined by locations.

Tin UPS Store there is no issue to find a full stock of mailing and packages supplies. They are much convenient as you can get stationery, cards, envelopes, cardboard boxes, packaging tapes, packing popcorn and courier services.


Are you searching where to get stamps near me? Staples are the way to go!

It is surprising to get stamps from staples. Yes, it’s another convenient way to get staples nearby your home. If you are visiting staples, then one eye-catching thing about them is you can purchase much more things apart postage stamps.

You can buy items such as printers, envelopes, pencils, pens and other stamp collecting supplies. So, the bonus point is you can pick other accessories for office as well as for school work.  Now, head over to nearest staple to buy postage stamps.

United State Postal Service (USPS)

Another best top-rated online service to where you can buy stamps, the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you are interested then all you need to go to the official website and get the marks as much as you want. Your order will deliver as soon as possible at your door by postal service.

Since 1995, USPS is providing mail services. The old name of the USPS is U.S Mail, and its first postmaster is Benjamin Franklin. This service let you get stamps from the brick-and-mortar post office or via the Postal Store itself.

What Is the Purpose of a Postage Stamp?

It is needed to attach a postage stamp when mailing out a parcel or letter. It ensures that you have paid your mail letter or parcel safely delivered to the required location. Also, this stamp determines how your message or package is essential and where it needs to go. If you have pined first-class postage stamp then it will reach out as soon as possible.

As the point of delivery, then you have many options to pick such as if you afford high paid stamps then it’ll deliver quickly than the standard 3 to 5 days.

The post office has individual machines to check out the stamps to sort parcels into categories. The post handler handles the post in priority wise. Furthermore, mail handlers also ensure which mail is sent by car, boat or airplane because stamps have printed the destination country name.

Individual postage stamps require a higher cost. Some of the customers personalized their marks by adding pictures on mail and to add some sentimental values to it. But high paid stamps ensure delivery as fast as possible.

Stamp Price

Whether its postcard or parcels, you have to buy stamps to deliver your item. And single postage stamp costs 49 cents and price is increasing annually by USPS. If you are going to get the answer to question about Where to Buy Stamps, then you have some options.

The first-class stamps are Forever stamps issued by USPS. These types of stamps value will increase if the cost of them goes high. To make something more straightforward, let me consider an example if you want to get stamps, and you bought at a fee $0.49 each, and then USPS will issue the latest price for first-class stamps at cost $0.60 then your stamps will value of $0.60 which is an excellent benefit for you.

Four Categories of Stamps

There are four categories in which stamps are divided. You can pick these categories according to your needs. These include:

Single Stamp: including a single piece of the mark.

Roll Stamp: including ten stamps pieces in each Roll stamp.

Book Stamp: including 20 stamps pieces in each book stamp.

Coil Stamp: including 10,000 stamps pieces in each coil stamps.

As many stamp buyers usually buy a roll of stamps or a book stamp because they need a lot to send letters or parcels on a daily or weekly basis. So, if you are one of them, then you don’t need to go shipping for postage stamps every day, you need to mail out a letter.

A roll stamp comes with 20 marks and a book stamp comes with ten stamps. But if you need more than 20 stamps as business demand, then there is another stamp type which named as “coil” including 10,000 marks. The coil stamps, you only get directly through USPS, and it might be offered as an in-store purchase.

In the past, postage stamps were in high demand, but now postage stamps demand is lessened because of the electronic mailing system. Although many customers do their work using an automated mailing system. But many customers invest thousands of dollars in postage every year.

Postage Stamps Uses

Postage stamps used to let your package or parcel deliver its destination and get delivered to the recipient. As your box included postage stamp or course postmark then it is guaranteed to the postmaster to read the package carefully because you have paid required charges for your order.

Another important thing is that, for posting mail, there is a postage stamp to deliver your letter correctly.

When it comes to buying stamps, or Where to Buy Stamps near me, remember, if you want better quality then you should pay higher. As high funded mark ensures faster delivery and your mail will reach soon to its destination as compared to the cheaper stamps available.

What Are Stamps Used for Today?

Stamp using fashion is going to old. They are in use still as before across the world. People use seals for many purposes including:

To transfer assets

Collecting stamps as a hobby

Most common usage is to mail letters or parcels

These are the main reason in term of “stamp duty.” Legal documents that are deliverable with stamps in certain regions. It is law, to transfer text without mark as illegal as being stamps documents determine how much tax was paid attached. The stamps for stamp duty is named as revenue stamps, but often postage stamps are also used for the same purpose.

When it comes to stamps as a hobby, then it is not getting old. Stamp collectors save stamps in albums. It is one of the biggest pastimes in across the globe.

It noticed that over 5 million stamp collectors are living in the USA. Famous personalities such as Bill Gross, Patrick Dempsey, and Warren Buffet are among the best stamp collectors.

All over the world, there are plenty of countries which are making stamp specifically for stamp collectors. These types of seal don’t come with registered marks. The collectors collect stamps on a specific theme that holds some value. Like as some theme butterflies, football, maps, famous people, ships, and lots more.

Some collectors collect stamp based on specific countries or continents such as you can receive every mark of UK.  The common thing among all the stamp collectors is they bond together; it doesn’t matter in which country they are living.

Each state also has stamp clubs where stamp-collector comes to discuss and learn about different stamps as well as trade stamps.

Where to Buy Postage Stamps Near Me

Knowing that who are selling stamps service is a lifesaver thing. Likely, if you are spending holidays and want to write some best memories to your friend and only to discover you can’t find a postage stamp anywhere is saddened thing. So here, I’ve collected all the best nearest option so that you can conveniently post a mail to your friend.

When you are looking for a location of where to buy stamps, then you should find ways where marks are bulky as bulk stamps are cheaper than to buy single ones. This is a good idea; just remember stamps come with different prices as well as varieties.

One of the nearest buying postage stamp places is a local post office. You can also find grocery stores or retail stores. Many pharmacies also have a full stock range of stamps.

Other near options are banks, credit unions that also provide the facility to sell stamps. Some pharmacies and retailer shop set up vending machines in their stores so that they can conveniently to shop and buy postal stamps. There are also some online companies that offer to purchase online stamps. One of them is USPS that will not charge on shipping and also deliver your requested parcel to your home.

How Much It Cost to Buy a Stamp In 2021

It depends on both domestic mailing and shipping:

For Domestic Mailing: The average cost range is from $0.30 to $0.90. Each additional ounce will cost $0.21.

For Domestic Shipping: If there are flat envelopes or letters, then the price could reach up to $22.

As new technology and digitization are rapidly spreading in all over the world so the demand for postage stamps have decreased if we looked back. All is due to the electronic mailing system, which is faster than your expectations and somehow has made postage stamps more expensive.

Postage Stamps in Bulks

The website as “Buy Discount Stamps” is where you get the postage stamps at less price than face value. But bulk rate stamps come with an issue, Pre-canceled which means bulks stamps are included cancellation bar. This allows skipping the shipping order entirely which may disturb the speed of shipping.

When it comes to using Bulks stamps, then you must apply a permit using #3615 which has no charges.

Does CVS sell stamps?

This question is most frequently question to whether CVS sell stamps or not. Let me clear you. Yes! CVS sells stamps, but they sell in books or a bundle. It is good option for you, if you want to buy stamps through CVS then you should first call them before you head to the closet CVS store near you.

Does Walgreen’s sell stamps?

Walgreen’s is the largest Pharmacy store that provides the facility of selling stamps. All you need to go to the nearest Walgreen and ask for Stamps.

Does Target Sell Stamps?

Mostly Target sell stamps, but unfortunately, all Targets are not. If you want to buy, then it is advisable to contact them before visiting the desired Target store.

When you go to any Target store to buy stamps, first of all contact to the cashier sitting on front desk in store, ask them to purchase the postage stamps. If the stamps are available then you may find them in register and the cashier will provide you stamps after picking from register.

Sometimes, stamps are not available, so in this situation you may ask contact the to customer service desk. But this happens in very rare cases. So, it is very important to give them a call before to visit the nearest Target store.

You may use this link to find the nearest Target storeFind Target Stores Online

Do Stamps Expire?

Never, stamps can expire even if the postage rate are increasing or decreasing. They are valid forever. But don’t put any material over mark such as tape as it invalidates the postage.

In Conclusion

That’s all about stamps. When it comes to purchasing stamps, then the price depends on the weight or shipping distance. But stamps prices are more or less frequently by USPS. And it’s all about your convenience, honestly!

If your nearby post office did not open, then there are lots more options available to buy postage stamps and one of the convenient options is Walmart.

If there is not selling stamps service then you can check gas stations as well as book stores and grocery. Whatever the place might be, postage stamps become more comfortable to buy no matter where you are living. Beside from offline options, there are also some online options available for you such as Amazon or USPS.

Hope so, you have enough detail related to postage stamps, and you are clear about each and everything such as where to buy stamps near me, Where to Buy Stamps and others like these questions.

So, go and grab your needed amount of postage stamps according to your preferred option. And keep visiting us for more update stuff!